The Fish

_DSC7205Terve! This is Plentiov, she is from Ukraine. She likes hammocks. In this picture, she is in a hammock, chilling, in an island in the middle of the lake Pyhäjärvi, which means “holy lake”. She came a long way, now, she is enjoying Finnish summer. In her journey through thousand lakes, she learnt a lot of things regarding the things, people, world and herself. For instance, she learnt that she should not take anything too seriously, including herself. Also, she made hundreds of friends and collected lots of stories. She will tell these stories to her grandchildren some day. Everyday is another story and every person has a different story. How she made stories? She surfed, she hiked, she ran, she danced, she sang, she tripped, she laughed, she learnt, she felt, she listened, she taught, she chilled, she helped, she was helped, she went with the flow, she tasted, she saw… She lived. She used to know what she does not want, she now knows what she wants. She realized that there is no right and wrong, like there were no right and left. She is grateful for the spiritual land, benevolent people, mother hen nature, exquisite journeys and for life. She’ll continue to be happy, she’ll be back.