kevään ensimmäinen kukat

The first flowers of spring in my yard, blue saffron. This much needed fresh and refreshing color, as it can be seen from the contrast, was offered by these cute ones. Wild strawberry plants are also beginning to show their leaves. Appreciating the small things must be part of one’s daily routine. I’m finally getting rid of the winter coat and hat and diving into the new season.




Akansieni – Chlorophyllum olivieri – Syötävä keittämisen jälkeen

Keisarikärpässieni – Amanita caesarea – Syötävä

Punakärpässieni (Fly agaric) – Amanita muscaria – Ei syötävä 🍄

Maamuna (Puffball) – Lycoperdon perlatum – Erittäin suositeltavaa